Search FAQ

How does search work?


You simply enter information into any of the search fields, you may enter information into multiple fields to help to narrow the search.  

Be specific, if you enter Jim, it will not find folks named James.

How private is my information?


Just like any online social platform your information is as private as you would like it to be. When people click on the "contact" button, they will not see your e-mail address and it also is not viewable to spammers. To keep your profile unpublished, click on the “don’t publish this on the website” choice on the sign-up page, but remember...others will be unable to contact you.

What happens when I click on the "Contact" button?


When you click on the "Contact" button, a pop up screen appears where you fill in your name, email address and message to the person you are trying to contact.  Once you complete the message and send it, it is up to the receiver to respond to you.  We do it this way to protect everyone's privacy.

I sent a contact request, but didn't receive a response, now what?


Darn!  Don't get discouraged, any number of things might be happening.  For example:

  • The person you are sending it to may have an outdated email in their profile, so it never reached them.
  • They don't check their email very often and haven't seen your request yet.  
  • They didn't recognize the sender "[email protected]" and ignored the email.  
  • The request went into their spam folder and they didn't see it.

The best way to make sure messages get through is to encourage everyone to keep their profiles updated.

I see my name in the directory, but can't sign into my profile to update my information, what do I do?


If you signed up and put in your information, simply sign into your profile by using the "sign in using email" feature on the home page or follow this link to the sign in/sign up screen.


If you see your name but don't remember signing up, you can simply go into the sign in/sign up screen and either create a new profile (please give us a week or so to delete the old profile) or use the "forgot my password" on the sign in screen.  Forgot my password will send a password reset link to the email we have on file for you. 

I see my name, but don't remember signing up, how did that happen?


We worked hard looking through social media sites, yearbooks, boosters, supporters, graduation lists, and old directories to find as many of you as we could.  We then created the directory.  It is not perfect, but with your help we can keep the directory updated.

Can I ask friends and classmates to sign up?


Absolutely!  Simply ask friends and classmates to go to the sign up page to create their profile.

How come I can't find the person I'm looking for in the results?


Search results include everyone in our database with a public profile that meets the entered search criteria.  If someone is missing it is because they haven't signed up or they chose to keep their information private.  You may also want to check your name spelling, name variation (Jim vs. James), and class year.

Why is it important to update my profile information


The Neenah Nation is designed to be a forum for people to reconnect with classmates, other alumni, and supporters that share a passion for Neenah. Keeping an updated profile allows your classmates an opportunity to reach out. You're not obligated to respond and they won't see your e-mail address, but isn't it fun to hear from an old friend you've lost touch with over the years?